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As the first artist-led space of its kind in the local area (Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth) we borrowed our lead from other larger organisations and started an associate artists scheme.

Due to our small size, we charged artists a fraction of the cost of larger organisations (£3 a quarter rising to £10 a quarter for those who had a website with us, and web hosting). For that money, we offered regular artist meet-ups, free exhibition opportunities, residency opportunities, a website, free artist talks, crit sessions, and in the last few sessions up to 3 free sessions with an accredited artists coach, worth up to £750. Members were also entitled to a ticket with 90% off for the FLAM conference to ensure all were able to attend.

We know from feedback how much artists got from this, especially those who made use of the coaching sessions and who worked with us on developing their own exhibitions.

In 2019 we made the decision that due to a plethora of artist schemes popping up since our inception and the unfair toll on artists’s not often deep pockets, coupled with our desire to focus more keenly on creating work with the public (primarily families and children), we would cease our Affiliate Artists Scheme at the same time as the Sticks project.

You can find out more via the Sticksgallery.co.uk website