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Susanna Dye: The Home — A Creative Toolbox for Movement

Date: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Time: 2pm 

Where: ZOOM

Cost: FREE

Suitable For:  Adults

Join movement director and choreographer, Susanna Dye for a contemporary dance/ physical theatre workshop to explore what creative possibilities for
movement our home environments open up, utilising what people have available to them in the absence of other bodies.

This workshop will offer ways of disrupting and disordering our habitual relationship with the spaces we are in, finding new modes of being, and moving within them.

This could be dancing a duet with a chair or pillow, or finding new ways of inhabiting the nooks and crannies of your bedroom that differ from how you do day-to-day.

The workshop will include a warm-up, movement improvisation tasks and a moment to share thoughts and experiences at the end.

To join this workshop you will need comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.


Susanna Dye is a movement director who works between the fields of theatre, dance, and film, exploring how movement and the body are encountered both live, and digitally.

Being both dyspraxic and dyslexic, I have developed an inclusive practice as a facilitator, teacher, and choreographer, that is built on celebrating movement as a field for individuality and play.

My approach celebrates the diversity of human experience and expression, and the embodiment of individual identity.


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instagram: @susannadye


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