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Natasha Khamjani from folk dance remixed

Folk Dance remixed: Battle!

Date: Wednesday 5th  August 2020

Time: 2pm 

Where: ZOOM

Cost: FREE

Suitable For: All/ Families/ Co-habiting Groups

Join Natasha Khamjani from Folk Dance Re-mixed for a workshop featuring their fusion of folk and street dance styles.

Participants will be taught simple folk and street dance steps and then when everyone is feeling confident with all the material taught we will have a DANCE OFF!! That means that if you are on your own you will be competing against yourself and do all of the routine but jump from style to style, and if you are in a bigger group half of you choose the folk
dance sections and half choose the street dance sections and you face each other in traditional street dance crew style and battle…

Only you can decide who the winner is but that’s not the important part…The IMPORTANT part is that you give it go, fully commit, and DANCE your socks off!!!!

To join in with this workshop you will need a little bit of space and a lot of enthusiasm!


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