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Beth Davis-Hofbauer - Artist

Beth Davis-Hofbauer: Fill Your House With Flowers

Date: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Time: 2pm 

Where: ZOOM

Cost: FREE

Suitable For: All/ Families

Join contemporary artist and Live Art Local founder, Beth Davis-Hofbauer for a workshop that will bring the colour and vibrancy of a beautiful garden inside through getting creative with paper.

In this workshop you will learn how to make several types of paper flower from an array of materials.  Participants will be encouraged to continue the workshop in their own time to make many of these flowers and to connect them using thread and/or card.

Once workshop members have finished making their flowers they are invited to fill a room in their house with them in some way (from the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor) and to then take a photo to send to Beth via Live Art Local.

These photographs illustrating your flower installations will then be digitally stitched together to create a giant digital installation artwork, that celebrates nature, community, and hope.


To join this workshop you will need tissue paper, thread, assortment of paper (e.g newspaper, magazines, coloured paper,or junkmail), card, glue or double-sided tape.

If you would like to join this workshop but cannot afford to purchase the small number of materials needed, please do contact Live Art Local as they have a small pot of money to supply these materials to those who cannot afford them


Beth Davis-Hofbauer is a Hampshire based disabled artist, arts organiser, and writer. Her practice explores anxiety in its various forms and how it can be represented, induced, and reduced through art.

Her work is informed by her disability, autistic children, having a baby; “unresolved” grief, and persistent mental health issues.  Her interests in health extend to how society views visible and invisible dis-ease; noting the interplays and subtle prejudices that exist.

She is currently undertaking work linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

She has an MA in Fine Art and separately in Media (production).  She is the founder and Managing Director of Live Art Local CIC.

FOLLOW Beth Davis-Hofbauer:

Instagram:  @badhofbauer

Twitter: @badhofbauer

Website: badhofbauer.com


Book this workshop by visiting its Eventbrite page here

Alternatively, email help@liveartlocal.co.uk with Culture @ Home ‘Beth Flowers’ in the subject heading