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Fareham Heritage Trail

In 2016 we were lucky enough to receive funding from NADFAS to enable us to create a Heritage Trail for Fareham. The Heritage Trail would be printed and made available to visitors to the borough. Following the trail they could move from Bursledon Brickworks in the west of the borough through to Portchester castle in the East, learning the borough’s rich history as they went.

As part of this process, we ran a series of workshops with members of the community:

Children with special needs joined us on a Photowalk where they learnt about local architecture and took photos of buildings and town landmarks that interested them; they also took part in printing and collage workshops and a physical theatre workshop that used local industry (especially brick making) as a starting point.

Adults with autism or learning disabilities were invited to join us in a Photowalk, linocut and creating photo-collages.

Older people joined us for linocut workshops, a Photowalk and a lecture by a local historian on the history of the borough.

The work produced as part of these workshops were featured in an exhibition and used in the production of a heritage map costing 50p with proceeds going to children’s art workshops in Fareham.

Through this project, we discovered a huge deal about the borough not widely known. Our interest was peaked to the extent we would like to create a more permanent heritage trail for the town in the future.