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Artist Call Out — Suspense EXTENDED



Live Art Local have teamed up with Ferneham Hall to run a number of exhibitions over the next year.  Each of these exhibitions is between 2 weeks and 1 month in  length and will take place in the Meon Room, meaning that artwork will be visible to all those who are going to see shows (as the pass through the Meon Room on their way to the auditorium).

The first of these exhibitions runs from October 25th (Sunday) to November 7th.

For this call out we are seeking 2D work that interprets the theme “Suspense”. How you interpret the theme is up to you, we welcome work that is experimental.

This is FREE for Live Art Local members to submit to.  To find out more about becoming a member and to join, click here

For non-members it is £3:50 to enter work to cover admin costs.  All selected work will be featured on the STICKS Gallery website and, if for sale, work will be available to be sold via Ferneham Hall and Sticks Gallery.  The commission taken for sold work is 20% to Ferneham Hall and 5% to Live Art Local.

Non members click below and you will be taken to a submission form upon payment.

Members just log in to be able to submit work for free.

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Submissions close on Sunday 11th October with selected artists being contacted by Friday 16th October.  Work is to be dropped off at Sticks the weekend 17-18th October, time will be updated in due course.  The exhibition runs from the 25th October – 7th November in the Meon Room