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Call for Artists: Surveillance


We have teamed with Cafe Ethos, Cafe and Art Space to put on a series of exhibitions, each running for between 2-3 months.  The first of these will be titled, Surveillance.  Artists are invited to submit 2D works that reflect this theme.  There is no other criteria and all 2d media will be considered.

This is free for Live Art Local artists to submit to, just login to access the form and upload your work.

If you are not already a Live Art Local member, you can join by visiting  http://liveartlocal.co.uk/get_your_art_seen/

You can also enter this call out as a guest for the cost of £3.50.  Simply pay your donation and then you will be redirected to the form and upload.

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Submissions close on the 2nd October and we will notify those selected by 4th October.  Work is to be delivered any day before 9th October to Sticks Gallery in Fareham.