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Provoking the Feeling: Eldon Building Portsmouth University

GET & SEE: Provoking the Feeling: Eldon Building Portsmouth University

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the provoking the feeling exhibition at University of Portsmouth’s Eldon Building.

This is the final show of Katerina Kazantzis’ MA Fine Art and it is well worth a visit.  Upon arrival you are led through a warren of small corridors by a woman dressed as a rabbit and asked to interact with an array of pieces.

Provoking the Feeling

The first stop is a wall of odd shoes (in more ways than one).  Here you are asked to try on the shoes and then keep them on as you walk around the exhibit.  At other times you are asked to try on invisile clothing; eat magic beans and even a film all about religious ceremonies and the magic that is invoked in many of these traditional ceremonies in the same way, the fairytales you have just inhabited invoke the idea of magic and mystery to tell a story.  The final piece is entitled “Believe” and asks you to believe in something more than yourself, its slow pulsating light acting as a type of hypnotic call to action.

My favourite part of the exhibition is definitely the mirror and projection wall in which you are literally in the middle of a piece and stood along from other versions of yourself.

This exhibition is upstairs in the Eldon building’s Fine Art Studio and runs from 6-8pm for the next two nights and from 4:30pm on Friday 18th September.

This is most definitely a family friendly exhibition.